When you think of benders used in manufacturing, a feed from coil rotary draw tube bender is probably not the first type that come to mind. However, this rotary draw bender, a successor to the serpentine, is the producer of components that are found all around us from HVAC systems to kitchen appliances. The purpose of rotary draw bending is to produce parts that are aesthetically pleasing yet have extremely tight bend radii or dimensional tolerances. With the continuous S shape bend increasing production floor space, this machine increases production, quality, and reduces material waste.

Universal Tool and Engineering is proud to now offer Feed from Coil Rotary Draw Tube Benders, manufactured completely at our East Tennessee facility. Utilizing data and feedback from past serpentine projects, UTE has made a number of significant design changes to both the cutoff, pull apart and bend head that have aided in developing the Feed from Coil Rotary Draw Tube Bender. These modifications have further enhanced both the durability and flexibility of this machine. UTE utilizes a servo driven bend axis that is both a left hand and a right-hand bend head that shifts down and under the tubing and comes back up to position on the opposite side of the tubing. This permits the tubing to lay flat on the table while the bend head is working around it. A uniquely UTE designed Chipless Tube Cut-Off inside the barrel of the carriage, in combination with a two-part clamping station at the front and rear of the Bender, provides a partial cut through the wall of the tube. The clamp stations actuate and the tube is “pulled apart”, leaving the tube cut off without rolling in the edges of the tube or leaving a burr or chips, such as seen with a saw type tube cut-off. The Feed from Coil Rotary Draw Tube Bender boasts the bending capacities of tubing up to ½’’ OD and a safety system that is customizable from scanners to guarding for optimal protection.

The Feed from Coil Rotary Draw Tube Bender is the newest addition to UTE’s product line and can be seen in action in our video below. It is perfect for projects using copper or aluminum tubing and has the advantage of both left and right-hand bending. Enjoy the benefit of UTE’s standard warranty and 24/7 support line with your purchase. Reach out to our sales team today at sales@universaltool.com to see how this machine can be an asset to your company’s manufacturing processes or contact us for a quote.