UTE Alpine 18ED Series Double Stack Electric Hybrid Benders

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Alpine’s ED Series tube benders have touch screen controls, a double stack tooling design with 4 axes (Y- Feeding, B-Rotation, C-Bending and X- Horizontal tooling changing) and are driven by an A/C servo motor. These machines feature Alpine’s patented planetary gear-driven bending head. Its unique compact design provides a highly accurate bending result with minimized machine interference, enhancing rigidity, speed reduction and high torque transmission. These electric pipe benders are perfectly suited for application in the furniture, automotive, motorcycle, fitness equipment and aerospace industries, just to name a few.

UTE Alpine Model AB38ED Shown Above

Standard Machine and Accessories

  • Master IV Controller
  • PC base 15″ color LCD Touch Screen control — Easy and fast programming
  • Right Hand Bending
  • Single or Double Stack Tooling — Draw Bending
  • ES: DOB, POB, DBB, 3 Axes are A/C Servo Motor
  • ED: DOB, POB, DBB, BHH 4 Axes are A/C Servo Motor
  • Patented Direct drive A/C servo motor bending head — fewest interference area
  • Adopts planetary gears assembly as the speed reduction and torque transmission
  • Patented Cam-Type shifting system on bending head (ED only)
  • With DBB alternative Repeat Feeding or End Grip function
  • Unlimited Program Storage
  • With Metric and Inch setting conversion
  • XYZ to YBC conversion
  • Using parameter to determine simultaneous motion of Y, B & C Axes -the interaction between Y,B,C axis
  • Booster Device of Pressure Die (excludes 18,30 model)
  • With Independent programmable speeds Y, B, and C axes (10×8)
  • With Air Cooling System
  • Automatic Slide-way Lubrication for bend arm to reduce maintenance time
  • Foot Pedal Cycle start
  • Wiper die Bracket
  • 3 Mandrel Rods
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Tool Box with Adjusted Tools
  • Electric: As required (3 phase 208V or 220V or 480V)

Upgrade Options

  • AMRU — Anticipate Mandrel Retraction Unit
  • AML — Auto Mandrel Lubrication
  • Dynamic Visual Simulation Software — Collision Protection
  • Safety Mat Connection Ready (without CE Mark)
  • CE Mark
  • Safety Mat
  • Safety Scanner
  • Free Standing Pedestal — The foot pedal is replaced by a free standing pedestal
  • ERB- Rear Booster Device (50 and up model)

OD Specifications

  • AB12ED Up to 0.4724″ OD
  • AB18ED Up to 0.7″ OD
  • AB30ED Up to 1.18″ OD
  • AB38ED Up to 1.5″ OD
  • AB50ED Up to 2″ OD
  • AB65ED Up to 2.5″ OD
  • AB80ED Up to 3″ OD
  • AB100ED Up to 4″ OD