UTE Alpine ABEF30-6 End Former

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  • alpine-ef-series

The Alpine EF30-6 end forming tube machine features PLC controllers and 6 forming stations.

Machine Specifications

  • Refined outlook matching with high rigidity construction to decrease ground space occupied.
  • Feeding is driven by AC Servo Motor with patented planetary gear design. No clearance, high accuracy and efficiency.
  • Special design for feeding gear track preventing cutting chips
  • Vertical movement along with linear rail on cutting head.
  • Programmable cutting motor overload protection.
  • Compact and Rigid design on cutting head to extend saw life and save saw cost.
  • Unique clamping system design for no damage on the tube surfaces and no sliding.
  • Patented end compensation feeding device saving tube cost (Option).
  • Can be operated manually, semi-automatic and full automatic.
  • Available pre-cutting.
  • Input and output display for checking malfunctions.
  • With automatic monitoring and limit switch protection.
  • Maximum 5 different lengths can be set at the same program.
  • Air cooling system allows for stable machine operation.
  • Rapid adjustment for tube clamp system.
  • Multiple protection devices can be assured of operator safety.
  • Moveable foot pedal control with emergency stopper, for strictly security.