UTE Alpine NC Bender – AB50NC

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Alpine’s NC-Series are touch screen, hydraulic drive, single axis and single stack tooling design benders. The single C (bending) axis is hydraulically driven, B (rotation) and Y (feeding) axes are manually operated and the Y (feeding) axis has optional 4 position DBB flip stops. These machines have a PLC Master I Controller with 3-D graphic display and Hydraulic Pressure Die Assist (PDA) with flow control and air cooling system. Multi-bend data storage memory controller facilitates easy operation. These machines are economic and affordable with great accuracy and are excellent for simple bending production run or prototype work. These hydraulic tube bender machines are designed to work seamlessly in furniture, automotive, motorcycle, display and fitness equipment industries, just to name a few.

UTE Alpine Model AB38NC Shown Above

Standard Machine and Accessories

  • Master I Controller
  • PLC base 10″ B & W LCD Touch Screen control — Easy and fast programming
  • Right Hand Bending
  • ANC- Single Stack Tooling for Draw Bending
  • Y, B Axes — Manual Feeding and Rotation
  • C Axis — Driven by 2 Speed Hydraulic Driven Bending Head
  • 100 sets of Program Storage
  • With Metric and Inch setting conversion
  • Booster Device of Pressure Die
  • With Independent programmable speeds Y and B axes (10×8)
  • Water Cooling System
  • One shot Slide-way Lubrication for bend arm to reduce maintenance time
  • Foot Pedal Cycle start
  • Wiper die Bracket
  • 3 Mandrel Rods
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Tool Box with Adjusted Tools
  • Electric: As required (3 phase 208V or 220V or 480V)

Upgrade Options

  • AMRU — Anticipate Mandrel Retraction Unit
  • AML — Auto Mandrel Lubrication
  • Upgrade to 1000 sets of Program Storage
  • Safety Mat Connection Ready (without CE Mark)
  • CE Mark
  • Safety Mat
  • Safety Scanner
  • Free Standing Pedestal — The foot pedal is replaced by a free standing pedestal

AB50NC Specifications (up to 2.0″ OD Capacity)