BendPro G2 V3 Software


BendPro G2 V3 CNC Tube Bender Software and Controller

Quickly becoming the industry standard tube bending simulation software, BendPro G2 V3 is a control system designed to enhance the performance, functionality, and reliability of any new or used CNC tube bender. Learn more about BendPro software or request a quote for one of our tube benders that feature the G2 V3 controller.

Higher performance increases production and quality

  • Fast, simultaneous, and overlapping motion increases production
  • Optimized sequences are generated and checked before any material is bent
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable to produce higher quality parts
  • Quick and easy to program and operate

Enhanced functionality so your benders can do more

  • Interfaces to CAD, CMM, office PCs, the Internet, robots, etc.
  • Supports all devices and servos, including analog and digital
  • Enables the use of tube cutters and hole punches on the bender
  • Support for push bending to produce large multiple-radii bends and coils
  • Designed to work on any bender

Proven reliability for more up-time and longer bender life

  • Industrial Beckhoff PC serves as both the HMI and machine controller
  • No servo cards or motion controllers means fewer components and wires
  • All components are stocked worldwide
  • Guaranteed long-term availability
  • Best support in the industry

Easy to Use

BendPro G2 V3 tube bender software was designed with ease of use in mind and is based on the Windows operating system. The first and main screen displayed is the Master Menu. From the Master Menu the operator can operate the bender and quickly access all other control screens including the Parts Editor. A graphical representation of the bender and its functions are displayed on a rugged, high-resolution touchscreen. Finally, the Master Menu is designed to effectively communicate production status and machine status including any warning messages or alarms that might require attention.

Master Menu

CAD Interface

BendPro G2 V3 CNC tube bending software can automatically import tube geometries from virtually any CAD program including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA, Creo Elements (formerly known as Pro/E), etc. This popular option speeds up programming while reducing data entry mistakes.

Solid Edge Logo

3D Simulation

The 3D Simulation Option is primarily used to detect potential collisions between the tube and the machine or tooling. This useful feature can quickly optimize the bending sequence so that cycle times may be reduced. In addition, it can estimate cycle times which allows for accurate bidding. BendPro G2 V3 uses the same software to control the 3D machine simulations as it does the actual bending machine. This allows for very accurate simulations and estimated cycle times. The 3D Simulation Option is easily enabled on the BendPro G2 V3 PC or on office PCs with the BendPro G2 V3 software.


BendPro G2 V3’s extensive built-in diagnostics is perfect for real-time troubleshooting of all machine devices including sensors, valves, and servos. On startup, an innovative function called Smart Start performs a complete check on all system files and configuration settings, then reports any issues to the operator. The BendPro G2 V3 Message Center displays any warnings or alarms that might be present. In addition, all operator and machine activities are logged to a file, making troubleshooting easy and reducing production downtime.


Customers always rave about the technical support with BendPro G2 V3 tube bender software. It truly is the best in the industry. The have support offices in Colorado, Tennessee, and the United Kingdom and they also offer online remote support for added convenience.

Remote Diagnostics & Maintenance

The ability to login to a BendPro G2 V3 control remotely can help to quickly diagnose problems, update software, activate new software features, re-tune servo drives, etc. Every BendPro G2 V3 is shipped with TeamViewer remote access software installed. With TeamViewer, our engineers can login remotely to a BendPro G2 V3 located anywhere in the world. All that is needed is an Internet connection. This is a very straightforward process with little work required by the user.
TeamViewer Remote Access