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UTE Alpine 50AEMR All Electric Multi Stack CNC Bender

  • Alpine 80aemr all electric cnc tube bender
  • apline-ab80aemr-series-cnc-benders

The AEMR-LR Series are touch screen, multi stack, all-electric CNC tube bending machines with 10 servo axes. The AEMR equips both double radius draw-bending & push-bending functions in one machine. These machines feature a patented planetary gear driven bending head, which has a compact, rigid design providing a high accuracy of bending and at the same time minimizing machine interference. The versatility of these machines make them a perfect fit for the automotive, motorcycle, marine, furniture, fitness equipment and aerospace industries.

UTE Alpine Model AB80AEMR Shown Above

Standard Machine and Accessories

  • Master IV Controller
  • PC base 15″ color LCD Touch Screen control — Easy and fast programming
  • Multi-stack tooling
  • Patented Direct drive A/C servo motor bending head — Less interference area
  • Adopts planetary gears assembly as the speed reduction and torque transmission
  • Tool included to measure push or roll bending radius
  • DBB alternative Repeat Feeding or End Grip function
  • Unlimited Program Storage
  • Metric and Inch setting conversion
  • XYZ to YBC conversion
  • Simultaneous motion of Y, B & C Axes — the interaction between Y,B,C axis
  • Pressure Die assist – booster (excludes 30 model)
  • With Independent programmable speeds Y, B, and C axes
  • With Air Cooling System
  • Automatic Slide – way Lubrication for bend arm to reduce maintenance time
  • Foot Pedal Cycle start
  • Wiper die Bracket
  • 3 Mandrel Rods
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Tool Box with Tools
  • Electric: As required (3 phase 208V or 220V or 480V)
  • Safety mat

Upgrade Options

  • AMRU — Anticipate Mandrel Retraction Unit
  • AML — Auto Mandrel Lubrication
  • Dynamic Visual Simulation Software — Collision Protection
  • CE Mark
  • Safety Scanner
  • Free Standing Pedestal — The foot pedal is replaced by a free standing pedestal