Automation Integration

Custom Automation

No matter what your tube fabrication needs are, let UTE design an automated solution for you. We can customize robotic pick/place arms, automated loaders and platforms to fit seamlessly into your production. Let us put our specialized expertise in designing automated solutions to work for you and provide the right solution to your specific need.


You'll be surprised at how affordable robotic automation is. We can integrate any of the major name brand robots including Yaskawa Motoman, Fanuc, Mitsubishi or Denso to name a few. As a Yaskawa Select Partner, we can customize their automation robots or pick/place devices specifically to your manufacturing process, seamlessly integrating them.  If you have a robot preference, call us and let us know.

Robotic Workcell Solutions

These machines can quickly do repetitive tasks, like transfer parts from one operation to the next, freeing up your staff and saving you valuable time and money. We also offer in-line inspection and assembly processes as well as automatic loading and unloading with special fabrication stations. UTE has developed automation integration solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries, which means no matter what your production challenge is, we can custom design and build a fabrication station to ensure efficient processing of your parts.


You are not just buying a robot. The key to a successful robotic workcell is the creativity and "know how" of an experienced engineering team that you will find at UTE. We have developed workcells for numerous industries including automotive, HVAC, aerospace and heat exchangers. Our experienced and dedicated support staff can show you how to decrease your cycle times by taking advantage of robotics and automation integration.