VTube LASER Tube and Pipe Measuring System

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Measuring complex tubes and pipes has never been easier

VTube-LASER is the most advanced tube measuring equipment available.

Advanced Tubular worked with FARO, a world leader in articulated arms, to ensure their VTube LASER system worked seamlessly with FARO products to create a laser measuring system that could measure tube and pipe qualifications and bender corrections quickly and effectively. VTube LASER was designed with advanced technology in a virtually automatic setup, meaning technicians can avoid the complicated setups required by other products.

VTube-LASER is the measurement software that lets tube fabricators reverse engineer parts quickly and build those tube shapes almost instantaneously. (Learn more about the benefits of the VTube-LASER at the VTube LASER knowledgebase.)

Advanced Tubular VTube Laser Faro Scan Arm

New Diameter Cut Plane feature easily measures parts close to others while excluding unwanted parts

Import Solid Models

Every VTube-LASER comes with STEP and IGES file import capabilities. These files can be easily imported to create master data of cylindrical and rectangular tubes.

Easily Import STEP or IGES Files with VTUBE

Export to SolidWorks

Every VTube-LASER comes with SolidWorks automatic export capabilities. Enter the center line coordinates, the diameter, and the wall thickness, then press the SolidWorks button. VTube Laser will start a new drawing and create a new tube complete with diameter.

Export Data From VTUBE LASER tom Solidworks

Measure Rectangular Tube Shapes

Measure square, rectangular, or flat oval tube shapes with fillet edge detection and true center line location.

Vtube LASER Oval Model

Multiple Alignment Types

VTube-LASER can handle BEST FIT or HARD POINT alignment types.
An alignment type is a unique method for how a measured tube is aligned to the master type.

  • Best Fit- is an average alignment comparing all the tangent points in all the straights of both tubes.
  • Hard Point- relies on less points for rotational alignment, then shifts the tube to match a single specific point in space. With Hard Point, there is always one point with zero deviation.

VTube version 1.77 and higher allows you to choose which Alignment Type to use in order to achieve the best possible alignment of the measured tube to the master tube.

Vtube Laser Best Fit vs Hard Point Illustration

Cut Plane Allows for Tabletop Measuring

VTube can use a cut plane measurement to allow for stress-free tabletop measurement. VTube can automatically remove points from the tabletop so that they are not part of the tube diameter measurement.

vtube laser cut plane measurement

Use One Laser Probe for All Diameters

VTube Laser measures any diameter with the same laser probe: From paper-clip diameter to a 12" (300 mm) tube - or larger. The laser probe and the tactile probe can even be used in the same part.

vtube laser split screen image

Calculate Diameter in Realtime

With VTube LASER can calculate diameter to show the true center line in realtime as you measure it.

  • Cylindrical: VTube measures reductions or expansions in the same cylindrical tube without any special setup. The system determines the ovality by measuring two sides of the diameter and comparing the results.
  • Rectangular: When measuring rectangular tubes, VTube calculates the center line based on the actual planes measured, displaying the true center line of the rectangular tube.

Circular Tube and Rectangular Diameter Calculation

View Tangent Point or Intersection Point Qualification Grids

VTube-LASER can show qualifications based on tangent points or intersection points.

VTube Laser Tanget Point Qualification

Create Your Own Reports

Since VTube LASER uses HTML-based templates, reports can be modified and output to Microsoft Excel. This allows for configuring custom reports to display data exactly as needed.
This feature requires Excel 2010 or newer.

VTube Step Excel Reports

Click the image above for a larger view.

Benderlink CNC Bender Communications

Connect to benders using the VTube LASER Benderlink system. Network to any number of benders on your shop floor to correct the benders to the correct part shape in a few minutes.

VTube LASER CNC Tube Bender Importing

Click the image above for a larger view.

Split Bend - Measure 180 Degree Bends

Measure Bends That Exceed 180 Degrees Using "Split Bend" with Precision. The Split Bend feature solves an issue that has plagued fabricators for years - how to measuring large angles with precision. Plus Split Bend really shines when it automatically compresses any split bend back into a single bend for the tube bending machine.

Illustration of Split Bend Feature

Import Supravision Projects

VTube imports Supravision project data from older measuring centers that use the Supravision file as project files - like the MM5000. This lets you use the investment in older Supravision files by porting them to VTube.

VTube Laser Imports Supravision Projects

Reverse Calculate Bender to XYZ

Calculate new XYZ data from bender data - a feature called "reverse calculation" because it is the reverse of the normal calculation direction. This feature allows you to change bender data to adjust the shape of the tube. For example change a 180 degree bend to a 200 degree bend by changing the bend angle and pressing "Calc XYZ".

Reverse Calculate Bender to XYZ

One Year of Online Support and Software Upgrades Included

VTube-LASER comes with one year of software maintenance which includes online support and access to free downloads for software upgrades for one year from purchase. This includes the knowledgebase which includes hundreds of pages of technical information software revisions.

VTube Laser Customer Support