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UTE Hole Punchers


Hole Puncher

UTE offers a complete line of full CNC servo controlled tube hole punching machines. These industrial hole punch machines are custom built and are easily tailored to your specific production needs. These hole punchers feature 2 axes and can be configured to have 1 to 4 punching heads with optional drilling heads as well. They offer easy programming, which means your staff doesn’t need any special CNC training to operate and have available offline programming for added convenience with floor scanning standard on all models. By supporting the punched holes from the outside via mandrel, these machines provides a clean hole in the pipe with slugs automatically being blow out of the tube. Unique nibbling function allows for precise holes with cleaner, more accurate edges. Perfect for header, manifold, or perforated tubing production applications, contact us today so see how a CNC punching machine can be tailored to your manufacturing process. See our selection of other machines online.


  • 2 Axis CNC Control
  • 1 -4 Punching heads available
  • Drilling heads available
  • Capacity up to 4″ OD tubes
  • Quick Changeover Tooling – Fast setup
  • Uses standard ball-lock punches
  • Servo controlled accuracy of hole locations to +/-.010″
  • Standard bed lengths of 48″, 72″, 96″ & 120″
  • Programming is made easy with the 12″ color touchscreen
  • Floor scanner standard on all models
  • Offline programming available


    • Multi-Punch System -Up to 3 hole sizes can be punched on the same tube
    • Drilling Option — Our D-301 machine replaces the punch with a Flow Drilling operation
    • Auto-Loading — Automatically load and Unload tubes