UTE Select CNC Tube Bender – US80MS-5A

  • ute-select-50-5a
  • BendPro G2 V2 Tube Bender Controller

The UTE Select Series is Universal Tool & Engineering’s newest line of CNC Tube Benders with 5 servo axes. Ranging from 6 mm – 150 mm (5/8″ to 6″) in tube OD sizes, these machines are offed as hybrid (Hydraulic Clamping with Electric Servo Bending) or All Electric Benders with no hydraulics. These stainless pipe benders were originally designed for and tested in the demanding automotive exhaust industry. UTE has spent an entire year marrying this proven and reliable technology with the BendPro G2 V3 control system. BendPro has become the industry standard control system. Standard machine features include: interface to CAD, CMMs and office PCs, bender simulation, electric carriage boost bending, push/roll bending, tie bars, double/multi stack, low profile bend arm, automatic machine lubrication system, self-diagnostics, air-conditioned electrical enclosure, non-proprietary components.

Standard Machine and Accessories

  • Electrical power filtering to stabilize incoming power
  • Control electrical cabinet isolation to minimize vibration
  • Spacious lay out and well labeled electrical cabinet for ease of maintenance
  • Control electrical cabinet air conditioner – for long lasting servo drives and components
  • Hydraulic oil filtering system with condition indicator to protect oil
  • Hydraulic normal and low level indicator lights
  • Hydraulic oil, air and water coolers standard – machine comes with both
  • Safety mat and safety plates with emergency stop for operational safety
  • Two hand anti tie down cycle start or foot pedal – both standard
  • Integrated gearbox reducer with multi-layer drive chain assembly for smooth controlled operational start / stop movement of bend arm extending the chain life many years beyond traditional hydraulic benders
  • Low profile bend Arm
  • Full capacity feed through collect for working with long material that requires additional length beyond the front collect stop system reducing the need for extended models in most applications
  • Low working heights for ease of operation increasing production and improved safety of material handling
  • Multiple axis operation reducing cycle time and interference for optimum production
  • Centralized machine lubrication points – Automatic lubricating pump optional

Upgrade Options

  • BendPro Office with Simulation – Office Part Development
  • BendPro CAD/STEP Interface Import CAD Files Directly to the Bender
  • BendPro CMM Closed Loop Bend Correction For Romer or Faro
  • BendPro Cell Interface for Loaders and Automation
  • BendPro Ghost Drive Cloned Spare Hard Drive
  • KLS – Keyence Laser Floor Scanner – In Lieu of Safety Mat
  • PPSI – Programmable Pressures for PD & PDA

OD Capacity Specifications

  • US16MS-5A up to 0.625″ OD
  • US20MS-5A up to 0.75″ OD
  • US25MS-5A up to 1″ OD
  • US30MS-5A up to 1.25″ OD
  • US38MS-5A up to 1.5″ OD
  • US50MS-5A up to 2″ OD
  • US65MS-5A up to 2.5″ OD
  • US80MS-5A up to 3″ OD
  • US90MS-5A up to 3.5″ OD
  • US130MS-5A up to 5″ OD
  • US150MS-5A up to 6″ OD