About Universal Tool & Engineering

Universal Tool and Engineering (UTE) has been serving the metal working and tube fabrication industries for over 30 years. We specialize in tube/pipe bending solutions and end forming equipment for copper, stainless, aluminum and carbon steel profiles. Offering CNC and NC tube/pipe benders with all-electric, hydraulic or hybrid electric & hydraulic drive models. Our tube/pipe benders can be customized with a variety of bending features including: semi-automatic draw, serpentine, twin head rotary draw, push (Calendar), both left & right hand bending capability, as well as machines with single to multiple bending stacks. We also offer tube straighteners, hole piercing stations, cut-off saws, and other tube processing machines designed to meet all fabrication needs.

Universal Tool and Engineering has expanded our expertise to providing custom automation and integration solutions for all equipment including robotic arms and pick/place devices to transfer parts from one operation to the next. Our experts can design automatic loading and unloading solutions customized for your specific needs. These solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your production along with special fabrication stations, to ensure the most efficient processing of your parts. We can provide you with automated in-line inspection and assembly processes when desired, to help free up staff from repetitive tasks.

Universal Tool and Engineering can also rebuild your tube bender. We have experience overhauling machines from the following manufacturers: 3RC, Adaptive Motion, Addison, Addison Mckee, Bema, BLM, Chiyoda, CSM, Clark & Lewis, Conrac, Coast, Criterion, Diacro, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Hines, HMT, Horn, Horn Machine Tools, Keins, MiiC, Pines, Pedrazolli, PHI, Smith, Schwarze, Soco, Schwarze-Wirtz, Techno, Trans Fluid, Unison, Wallace and YLM. We can retrofit, rebuild, or replace any failing parts on your current tube/pipe benders and upgrade controls and software to new controllers, adding enhanced capabilities and making old machines much more intuitive and user friendly.

Universal Tool and Engineering can also design and build solutions for custom applications, tooling & dies, jigs & fixtures, CNC production machining, as well as production fabrication and metal stamping.

UTE's industry leading innovation along with a commitment to excellence means we are continuously growing and expanding our service offerings. If your application is not highlighted in one of our categories, please contact us. Our dedicated staff is eager to help you find the most efficient solution to your metal forming needs. UTE is a Universal Companies Affiliate.

The UTE Vision

To be recognized as a national leader in bending solutions, customer satisfaction, and team member engagement while setting new standards in operational efficiency.

The UTE Mission

To help our customers succeed through education, innovation, and technology.

The UTE Foundation Values

The cultural values within UTE can be broken down into their simplest form within the focus of these basic foundation disciplines.


  • Visionary Leadership - Initial vision creates opportunity.
  • Team Work - Opportunities are maximized by focused and motivated team members.
  • Operational Excellence - Consistent, professional, and efficient execution of all business endeavors maximizes success potential.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Customer happiness and long term relationships are our indicators of success.
  • Growth and Partnerships - Results yield business growth which in turn allows for continued relationships and involvement along with more opportunities.

Guided by our mission and values, Universal Tool and Engineering is developing solutions to drive success; our focus is the future of our client's business. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.