Machine Rebuilds

Is the price of a new machine not in this year’s budget?

Let UTE rebuild or retrofit your existing NC or CNC Tube Bender, End Former or other machinery to your specifications. UTE offers a variety of partial rebuilds as well as total rebuilds which include but are not limited to:

  • Sand blast/paint entire machine
  • New hydraulics/pneumatics including pump, valves, etc.
  • New electrical including servo motors, drives etc.
  • Replace all wear items such as bushings, bearings etc.
  • New touch screen control — PC or PLC based (windows XP based when applicable)

UTE also stocks many pre-owned rebuilt CNC Tube Benders and Semi Automatic Tube and Pipe Benders as well as End Formers.

We rebuild all brands of benders such as: 3RC, Adaptive Motion, Addison, AddisonMckee, Bema, BLM, Chiyoda, CSM, Clark & Lewis, Conrac, Coast, Criterion, Diacro, EatonLeonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Hines, HMT, Horn, Keins, MiiC, Pines, Pedrazolli, PHI, Smith, Schwarze, Soco, Schwarze-Wirtz, Techno, Trans Fluid, Unison, Wallace and YLM.

Eagle Rebuilt CNC Tube Bender Rebuild
Rebuilt Eagle CNC Bender With BendPro G2V2 Controls


Our experienced staff can rebuild any Eaton Leonard CNC or NC bender model.


Learn more about standard Pines CNC or NC bender rebuild services.