Is the price of a new CNC or NC Tube Bender not in your budget?

Let UTE offer you a pre-owned or rebuilt used tube bender or cnc pipe bending machines. We perform a complete inspection on every used tube bender we carry to ensure it meets the strictest of standards. Once we have inspected the used pipe bender, it undergoes a thorough rebuild process including; cleaning/sand blasting then repainting the entire machine, replacing hydraulics/pneumatics, new electronic servo motors and drives, replacing all worn brushings or bearings and finally upgrading the control system to a brand new, modern controller with touch screen interface.

Please contact us for more information or check out our complete inventory list below for available used tube bending machines for sale.

Pre Owned and Rebuilt Machines

Updated on 02/02/24
 ModelSeriesDescriptionLead TimeLocation
M12 (.47" OD Capacity)UTECNC Bender, Right Hand Electric Single Stack with UTE Navigator ControlImmediateJohnson City, TN
EPT-75XPE (3.00'' OD Capacity)EagleCNC Bender, Left Hand Hybrid Electric Multi Stack with BendPro G2V2 Control.ImmediateJohnson City, TN
EPT-1500DR (6.00'' OD Capacity)EagleCNC Bender, Right Hand Double Stack with BendPro G2V2 Control.10-12 WeeksJohnson City, TN
M30-RL (1.18'' OD Capacity)UTECNC Bender, Left Hand or Right Hand with new motors, drives, and new BendPro G2V3 Control. Fully Re-manufacturedImmediateJohnson City, TN

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