Our Approach

Helping You Succeed

At Universal Tool & Engineering, our clients are our primary focus: their success is our success. UTE offers an industry-specific, client-centered approach - employing knowledgeable and highly-trained professionals to build relationships with clients and provide tailored solutions to their production challenges. With our experienced staff designing industry-leading solutions centered around the client, we provide CNC tube and pipe benders, automated solutions, or robotic work cells that streamline production and drive a client’s business forward. Here is how UTE can put its client-centered approach to work for any company by providing the right solution to solve manufacturing challenges and achieve production goals.


UTE will work to quickly identify the client's goals along with any budget or time constraints, and apply our expert knowledge to the individual client's need. We will then work to help define the scope of business and the goals of the client. This enables us to develop an action plan tailored to their needs.


UTE will listen to the needs of the client while asking questions and observing the client's current or proposed operation in order to accurately determine their project needs, allowing us to develop the right solution for them. Our goal is to correctly assess the client's vision and to ensure we reach a shared view of the issue and the objective.




Once we have a mutual vision of the project and we understand the parameters required, we organize our resources and begin development of the custom solution. It's our goal to share as much information regarding the progress of the project as possible. This ensures everyone is involved and informed as the project advances towards completion.



Once the project is ready, we test it to confirm it works to the established parameters of the project before it leaves our shop. Delivering the finished machine on-time is crucial to us. We work with the client to make sure the machine are securely transported and delivered as well as unloaded and setup.


Train & Support

Ensuring the client can maximize their return on their new tube bender or custom solution is paramount to our success. We don't just hand the machine over and wish the client the best: we're in it for the long run. We're always prepared to provide ongoing support, service and training whenever needed. Through our continued commitment to the success of the client, we hope to forge a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship that clients can't stop talking about. Learn more about our training services.