The UTE Experience

We don't just offer CNC Tube Benders, we provide Tube Bending Solutions.

Here are just a few reasons why you should let UTE provide you with the tube bending solutions you need.

One Stop Shopping

UTE is not just a machine distributor like many of our competitors; we are also a manufacturer of CNC tube benders, which means we can customize a CNC tube bender to fit your exact needs.


UTE has the largest selection of new and used CNC tube benders on the east coast.

See the largest selection of CNC and NC tube benders in the U.S.


UTE will not be under sold. If you find a better price from our competitors on a comparable CNC tube bender, let us know. We will beat their price.


UTE has been in business since 1979. You can count on us to be there for you in the future.



UTE has six service techs located all across the United States. In most cases, we can have service personnel at your site in 24 hours or less.

Sales Engineers

UTE has a knowledgeable sales staff that will help you find the right tube bender for your needs. They will never try to oversell you!


Turnkey Solutions

UTE can provide technical expertise for your project and then provide the bender, tooling and training to get you up and running fast.


UTE can provide automatic loading and unloader of your CNC tube bender. Our custom automation solutions can increase your productivity and free up your staff for other tasks.


UTE is a Motoman Robotics partner and systems integrator — UTE can create a custom robotic work cell to meet your specific tube bending needs.



UTE can extend the life of your tube or pipe bender by upgrading the controller or rebuilding your current tube bender. We offer machine rebuild services for many models of Tube Benders. We can rebuild any of the following models: 3RC, Adaptive Motion, Addison, Addison Mckee, Bema, BLM, Chiyoda, CSM, Clark & Lewis, Conrac, Coast, Criterion, Diacro, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Hines, HMT, Horn, Horn Machine Tools, Keins, MiiC, Pines, Pedrazolli, PHI, Smith, Schwarze, Soco, Schwarze-Wirtz, Techno, Trans Fluid, Unison, Wallace and YLM.