Control Retrofits

In serving the industry since 1979, UTE has developed an extensive knowledge of tube benders and their control units. With over thirty years experience, UTE's highly trained staff has the expertise needed to quickly correct any issues you may have with either the control unit or the machine itself. In many cases, upgrading the controller can add many more years of life to the machine. You will be amazed at what a new controller with modern software will allow your bender to do. From increasing the versatility of production, to allowing operations from a remote computer; upgrading the controls on your tube bender with a retrofit can add versatility to almost any machine. New controllers can be specifically designed for your bender, making it easier to control. This means training new staff to operate the machine becomes much less time consuming.

Let Us Retrofit Your Machine's Controls

Find out how a control retrofit on your tube bender with new, touch screen PC or PLC based (windows OS where applicable) controller can help you get the most out of your machine.

bendpro g2v2 control retrofits