UTE CNC Tube Bender Controls and Control Software

UTE partners with the leading companies in the tube and pipe bender control software industry to offer the best CNC tube bender controls available. Throughout our history supporting the metal working and tube/pipe fabrication industries, UTE has worked with numerous companies and become experts in setup and utilization of controller and tube bending software to help companies get the most from their machines. Our experienced staff can not only guide you through the purchase and set up of new tube bending software or controller, they can also aid is repairing your current controller or upgrading its software. Purchase CNC controller software at UTE today.

We can also rebuild or retrofit a new tube bender control system to your current machine, increasing the machine's versatility and enhancing its capabilities. We have replaced or repaired controllers on older, failing or obsolete machines including: 3RC, Adaptive Motion, Addison, AddisonMckee, Bema, BLM, Chiyoda, CSM, Clark & Lewis, Conrac, Coast, Criterion, Diacro, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Hines, HMT, Horn, Keins, MiiC, Pines, Pedrazolli, PHI, Smith, Schwarze, Soco, Schwarze-Wirtz, Techno, Trans Fluid, Unison, Wallace and YLM.

UTE Proudly Offers These Versatile and Cutting-Edge Tube & Pipe Bender Control/Control Software Solutions

BendPro G2V2 CNC Control Software

BendPro brings new life and performance to any CNC tube bender and has become the industry standard control system. Offering the highest level of performance, reliability, and functionality available, our customers love using BendPro controls. Companies standardize on BendPro because it works with all of their tube bending machines regardless of make and model. Operators benefit from learning a single control system. Naturally, this reduces training time, down time, and scrapped material while increasing productivity.


M4/M5 Control System

M4/M5 Control System is the budget friendly option for all our UTE Alpine Series Benders with a wide variety of standard features you’d expect to find on the most expensive control systems. The touchscreen control interface displays tube bender moves on the screen in real time and allows for on-the-fly programming of parts while bending and even during multi-part sequences. The controller supports network connectivity to communicate with other computers locally. This control software can even be connected to the internet to allow remote technicians to troubleshoot and resolve errors quickly and conveniently, minimizing machine downtime.

Master 4/5 Tube/Pipe Bender Controls

VTube Step Control Software

Universal Tool & Engineering is proud to be a partner with Advance Tubular Technologies, Inc to offer their advance VTube STEP software. VTube STEP is specifically designed to help eliminate the CAD barrier for tube fabricators and solid model data to make working with Model-based Definition (MBD) much easier. We even offer their expanded version of STEP that works with their advanced FARO ScanArms with LASER or Ball Probe to measure tubes with amazing accuracy.