M4/M5 Control System

Network & Remote Connectivity

Optional communication software allows other devices to be connected to the machine computer through a network. Once connected to a network with internet access, remote service technicians can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues


On-the-fly Programming Capable

Conveniently program parts during bending and Multi-Part Sequencing for added flexibility. The Multi-part sequence option is perfect for producing different parts sharing the same tube and same bending radius


Teaching Mode

Unique mode helps the tube bender with part collision avoidance moves, allowing the machine to learn new bending moves for a wider array of bending axes movement


Advanced Display Viewing

Touch screen controller allows the operator to display and rotate parts in 3D quickly and seamlessly. Input and output display makes checking for malfunctions and resuming after E-Stop without scrapping the part simple. During part processing, a save function prevents accidental or intentional stopping of the cycle from ruining the part and makes recovery possible. Optional Dynamic Simulation Software allows the programmer to watch part being formed on the PC before attempting to run on machine. This simulation feature helps to quickly identify potential collision issues in the program.


USB Drive

Easily store and transfer part programs without a hard disc drive: no moving parts, no heat