One of our most recent projects featured the addition of a hydraulic shear cutting option to our hybrid US65MS-6A CNC electric tube bender. This multi-stack machine is capable of holding 3 bend toolsets and 1 shear cutting toolset at a time. This particular project called for three toolsets, with the largest having a 1.875’’ OD x 2.500’’ CLR x 2.875’’ Grip and corresponding OD sizing for the Shear Cutting Blades. The benefit of having the cutting blades incorporated into the tube bending process is that multiple unique parts can be ran in the same part program without loading additional pieces of material. The material does not have to be precut before bending, which eliminates the need for secondary processes that slow down production. The US65MS-6A is part of the CNC hydraulic tube bender.

The UTE Select series comes with standard features such as the Keyence Laser Floor Scanner which provides a safe operating environment, Anticipated Mandrel Retract Unit for tough bending applications, Automatic Mandrel Lubricator, Overhead Tie Bars for Pressure and Clamp Dies, Air Cooled Hydraulic System, Air Filtered/Air-Conditioned Control Cabinet, Two Hand Cycle Start with Foot Pedal for operating the machine cycle, and the BendPro G2V3 Bender Control- the leading CNC bender control software in the US Market.