Universal Tool & Engineering, Inc. is proud to offer customized turn-key automated workcells in our product line.

A customer came to us having issues with employee turnover and sourcing skilled operators in their geographical region. Our sales team and engineers were able to offer a completely customized workcell that included a Yaskawa GP12 material handling robot, a UTE 1″ tube OD loader with bulk hopper, conveyor, seam find function, an OCP 45-ton press, and an automated part gauge that offers “PASS/FAIL” with robot unload options. With the turn-key automation workcell, they are now able to have operators load and unload material, which requires less training and skill specialization. Some of the benefits the customer has enjoyed has been an almost immediate tripling of their production levels, drastic reduction in scrap material, and expectation of ROI reduced from 2 years to 6 months.

UTE is a turn-key automaton integration solution. We have the ability to adapt automation equipment to many different applications. We also have the ability to integrate with existing equipment in your facility without having to send the machine in reducing downtime.