UTE Alpine T38-90 Hydraulic Twin Head Bender

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  • apline-t-series-hydraulic-twin-head-bender

The Alpine T38-90 is a touch screen, twin-head hydraulic compression bender with 4 axis (Y1/Y2- twin head feeding, twin-head C1/C2-bending) as well as PLC Master I Controller with 3-D graphic display and a multi-groove tooling design. T-Series hydraulic tube benders were designed for high production in symmetric frame work and bending part applications. The T-Series tube compression system uses a crank-link system, along with very strong compression force to ensure high bending quality. The rapid movement of the two bend heads along with the machine’s excellent locking power ensures the T-Series bender avoids slipping during bending. The T38-90 hydraulic tube bender allows the bend head 90 degree rotation (in-plane and out plane) for added versatility. This tube bender is perfectly suited for use in the furniture, display and fitness equipment industry applications, just to name a few.

UTE Alpine T38 Hydraulic Bending Machine Shown Above

Standard Machine and Accessories:

  • NC Controller
  • Twin Hand Bending
  • T38-90 with both in-plane and out-plane bending
  • Hydraulic Driven Bending Head
  • Water Cooling System
  • Foot Pedal Cycle start
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Tool Box with Adjusted Tools
  • Electric: As required (3 phase 208V or 220V or 480V)

Upgrade Options:

  • Safety Mat Connection Ready (without CE Mark)
  • CE Mark
  • Safety Mat
  • Safety Scanner
  • Free Standing Pedestal — The foot pedal is replaced by a free standing pedestal

OD Capacity Specifications:

  • T38-90 Up to 1.5″ OD