UTE Alpine T50 Hydraulic Twin Head Bender

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The Alpine T-Series are Touch Screen Twin Head Hydraulic Compression Benders with 4 axis: Y1/Y2- Twin Head Feeding, Twin Head C1/C2-Bending as well as PLC Master I Controllers with 3-D graphic display and a multi-groove tooling design. The T-Series electric/hydraulic pipe benders were designed for high production in symmetric frame work and bending part applications. The T-Series compression tube bender uses a crank-link system, touch and very strong compression force to ensure high bending quality and features rapid movement of the 2 bend heads with excellent locking power to avoid slipping during bending. This electric hydraulic tube bender is perfectly suited for use in the Furniture, Display and Fitness Equipment industry applications, just to name a few.

Standard Machine and Accessories:

  • NC Controller
  • Twin Hand Bending
  • T50 with standard in-plane bending
  • Hydraulic Driven Bending Head
  • Water Cooling System
  • Foot Pedal Cycle start
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Tool Box with Adjusted Tools
  • Electric: As required (3 phase 208V or 220V or 480V)

Upgrade Options:

  • Safety Mat Connection Ready (without CE Mark)
  • CE Mark
  • Safety Mat
  • Safety Scanner
  • Free Standing Pedestal — The foot pedal is replaced by a free standing pedestal

OD Capacity Specifications:

  • T50 Up to 2″ OD