UTE PHTUS Series Tube and Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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The UTE PHTUS Series is Universal Tool & Engineering’s newest line of Tube and Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machines. With positioning accuracy within 0.03mm and repeated positioning accuracy within 0.02mm, these tube and sheet laser cutting machines boast exceptional accuracy, achieving intricate designs and flawless cuts on various sheet sizes.  To maximize productivity with high-speed cutting capabilities, these machines range from 100m to 120m per minute. Standard tube and sheet fiber laser cutting machine features include: Integrated Sheet and Tube Enclosure, Exchange Platform, Specialized OS for Sheet and Tube, Large Diameter Chuck, and Zone Dust Removal. To see all Fiber Laser Cutting Machines.

Enclosed Sheet and Tube Integrated Machine Design

  • Dual sheet and tube integrated design
  • Highly Cost-effective
  • Fully enclosed for personnel protection

Exchange Platform

  • The use of the exchange platform enables quick and complete pipe and sheet changing, saving time for loading and unloading.

Specialized Operating System for Sheet and Tube Cutting

  • Adopting an independent dual-screen design, this tube and sheet laser cutting machine can simultaneously meet the cutting requirements for both sheet and pipe processing, ensuring efficient and convenient production.

Large Diameter Pneumatic Chuck

  • One-key clamping
  • Automatic centering
  • Pneumatic clamping with adjustable clamping force
  • Capable of cutting angle steel and channel steel

Zone Dust Removal

  • This tube and sheet laser cutting machine is designed with exhaust structure on both sides of the bed. Large diameter upgraded air ducts in multiple zones significantly improve the exhaust effect compared to those with middle exhaust structure.

Cutting Samples