UTE TSUS Series Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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The UTE TSUS Series is Universal Tool & Engineering’s newest line of pipe laser cutting machines. With positioning accuracy within 0.05mm and repeated positioning accuracy within 0.05mm, these machines boast exceptional accuracy, achieving intricate designs and flawless cuts on various tube sizes. To maximize productivity with high-speed cutting capabilities, these pipe cutting machines’ maximum acceleration range is 0.8G to 1.5G and range from 80m to 110m per minute. See all Fiber Laser Cutting Machines.

Three Chucks Clamping and Zero Tail Materials

  • Innovative three-chuck clamping technology increases accuracy with force adapting chuck
  • The integrated chuck base improves the overall stability of the chuck and achieves high-precision positioning
  • The three chucks work together as the tube moves through the middle chuck’s internal cutting operation.

Wide Range of Pipe Cutting

  • This pipe laser cutting machine supports the processing of 12,000mm(40ft) ultra-long whole tubes, channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, and other profiles.
  • The maximum load bearing capacity of a single pipe is 900KG (1985 lbs.)

Double-Sided Follow-Up Support Device

  • Can reduce processing errors, ensuring uniform force on the entire metal pipe, and improved cutting accuracy.
  • Provides real-time feeding to prevent the reduction of cutting accuracy due to pipe distortion.

Integrated Frame Bed Design

  • The stability and cutting precision of the bed are greatly improved with the integrated processing technology of a high-precision gantry machine tool, through furnace annealing and aging treatment. This process also increases the life span of the bed.

3D Tube Nesting Software

  • TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software for the TSUS series pipe cutting machines. From parts drawing and modification, to full type compensation, strategic nesting and report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.

Cutting Samples