UTE Made in the USA CNC Tube Bender – UTE-US50M

UTE Made in USA CNC Tube Benders


UTE’s Electric CNC Rotary Draw Tube Benders combine rugged durability with fast, repeatable bending. With standard features including, both right hand and left hand bending and generated bend (push bend) capability, these CNC tube benders deliver high performance along with flexibility. American made with standard nonproprietary components, UTE’s CNC Tube Benders are easy to maintain and even easier to use thanks to industry leading BendPro G2V2 touch screen controls. Whether the application is Automotive, Aerospace, HVAC or Furniture, UTE’s CNC line of tube fabrication equipment will save you time and money.

Standard Features

  • BendPro G2V2 touch screen controls
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise bending direction
  • Drop away hydraulic clamping
  • Direct acting hydraulic pressure die w/ adjustable partial retract feature
  • 3/4-axis electric (bend, feed, plane, clr (optional)
  • Generated bend capability
  • Dual radius w/ stacked tooling

Optional Features

  • Auto loader/ unloader including robotics
  • Bed extension
  • Mandrel attachment (with or w/o lube.)
  • Multiple radius w/ stacked tooling
  • Safety mats, light curtains
  • Tie bar
  • Wiper die base (with or w/o lube.)
  • Tube support

OD Capacity Specifications

  • UTE-US12M 12mm Up to .4244″ OD
  • UTE-US30M 30mm Up to 1.1811″ OD
  • UTE-US50M 50mm Up to 2″ OD
  • UTE-US80M 80mm Up to 3″ OD