As tube fabrication technology continues advancing, older CNC tube benders can quickly become obsolete – losing programming capabilities, replacement parts, and technical support. Instead of struggling with an outdated machine, Universal Tool & Engineering offers two cost-effective solutions to modernize your operations.

Retrofit with A new BendPro G2V3 Control. One of our recent projects showcases UTE’s retrofit expertise. A longtime customer had an aging Eaton Leonard tube bender that could no longer keep up with modern programming demands. Instead of replacing the entire machine, we upgraded the controls with our state-of-the-art BendPro G2V3 system.

The BendPro G2V3 transforms outdated tube benders into modern powerhouses with full 3D tube bending, automatic bend calculators, and powerful part programming. Best of all, the retrofit preserves the machine’s core mechanical components our customer was already familiar with.

After installing the new controls, the renewed tube bender is now equipped with all the latest software and programming capabilities at just a fraction of the cost of a brand new machine. Retrofits allow shops to extend their capital equipment’s lifecycle while taking advantage of new technology.


Another option is to trade In towards a new UTE electric tube bender In cases where a retrofit isn’t viable. We stake our reputation on delivering the industry’s most accurate, flexible, and ease of use tube bending solutions.

Our team can provide an estimate on your current machine’s trade-in value today.


Don’t let outdated tube bending equipment turn into a shop bottleneck and competitive disadvantage. Contact us today to explore retrofitting with new controls or stepping up to one of our premier electric tube benders with an attractive trade-in price. Modernize your capabilities and keep your operation on the cutting-edge!


For a quote for a custom solution or one of our in stock machines, please fill out an RFQ form or visit our inventory page on our website.

*We have over 20 machines in stock to help with the international supply chain issues and long lead times.