UTE FMAUS Series Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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The UTE FMAUS Series is Universal Tool & Engineering’s newest line of Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machines. With positioning accuracy within 0.05mm and repeated positioning accuracy within 0.03mm, these metal sheet laser cutting machines boast exceptional accuracy, achieving intricate designs and flawless cuts on various sheet sizes. To maximize productivity with high-speed cutting capabilities, these metal sheet laser cutting machines have maximum moving speed of 115m per minute. Standard sheet fiber laser cutting machine features include: High Strength Welded Tube Frame, Auto Focus Laser Head, Aviation Aluminum Alloy Beam, and Intelligent Central Control for Lubrication. See all Fiber Laser Cutting Machines available.

High Strength Welded Tube Machine Frame

  • Machine frame is made from high-strength, laser cut, multi-process welded steel tube. Which undergoes stress relief annealing and natural aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, increasing the durability and longevity of the machine frame.

Auto Focus Laser Head

  • Suitable for a variety of focal lengths
  • Variable focus position can be adjusted according to cutting thickness
  • Flexible, fast, and fluid movements
  • Collison Avoidance
  • Automatic edge finding

The Fifth-Generation Aviation Aluminum Alloy Beam

  • The entire beam is processed by a T6 heat treatment process to make the beam obtain the highest strength.
  • Solution treatment improves the strength and plasticity of the beam, optimizes and reduces its weight, and speeds up the movement.

Intelligent Central Control Lubrication

  • The time and frequency of lubrication can be adjusted through the central control system, and features comprehensive multi-point lubrication for guide rails, sliders, screws, racks, etc., with the automatic return and the collection of waste lubricating fluid.

Cutting Samples