UTE TMUS Series Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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The UTE TMUS Series is Universal Tool & Engineering’s newest line of Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machines. With positioning accuracy within 0.03mm, these enclosed fiber laser cutting machines boast exceptional accuracy while achieving intricate designs and flawless cuts on various tube sizes. To maximize productivity with high-speed cutting capabilities, these enclosed fiber laser cutting machines’ acceleration is 1.5G, and 110m per minute. See all Fiber Laser Cutting Machines available.

Efficient and Flexible Chuck

  • Standard pneumatic chuck for tube with strong clamping force, speedy response, and precise cutting
  • Uses single diameter chuck resulting in no damage to the surface of the pipe. Chuck replacement is simple and fast.

Seamless Cutting with Ease to Replace

  • Adopt the same diameter chuck, no damage to the surface of the pipe, chuck replacement is simple and fast, high quality of cutting.

Flexible and Effortless Processing

  • Cutting, punching, slotting is fast and efficient.
  • Supports cutting of round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe, multi-pipe processing, and supports 7m ultra-long workpiece processing.

Intelligent and Continuous Feeding with Rapid Cutting

  • The feeding roller clamps the pipe and circulates feeding without resetting, reducing the waiting time and utilizing the maximum feeding speed.
  • Full/semi-automatic feeding mode is selected to support batch cutting of small pipes, helping to reduce manpower and achieve a higher processing efficiency.

Save Money, Time, and Materials

  • The ultra-short cutting tail material can be within at least 80mm, which maximizes the utilization rate of materials and reduces the cost of waste materials.
  • The intelligent central control system has high performance with adjustable focusing cutting head, a variety of equipment functions and efficient response.

Cutting Samples